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The key to creativity is in connecting ideas and emotions, being aware of yourself and the world around you. I help you express your authentic self through multimedia projects. Through short films, mini documentaries, web series, features stories, as well as video & written interviews, I help bring your idea into reality. I work with talented filmmakers, animators, photographers, designers, and software developers to deliver projects of any scale.



Boonsri Dickinson is an experienced filmmaker, artist, chemical engineer, science and technology journalist. She is a media advisor for startups. She is also a consultant (film, media, and storytelling).

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Client-based work:

Boonsri is really on the forefront of what’s happening with media and technology today. Not only does she do the analysis, Boonsri integrates the most advanced media technology into her work and life giving her an advanced perspective on changes that will impact all of us. She gives excellent, straightforward counsel and her trusted network reaches far and wide from NYC to SF and Silicon Valley. If you have a startup or company that is working on media and technology, I recommend you spend some time with Boonsri.
— Greg Kostello, founder and CEO of Givit (a video editing app)

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Editorial work:

Boonsri is one of those rare pros who does everything well, whether it’s shooting innovative video on tight deadline or composing an insightful—and emotional—essay on technology’s next great twist.
— Nick Kolakowski, senior editor of Slashdot Media and author of 'How To Become An Intellectual'