I'm kind of a hybrid between a creative and a scientist since I experiment with new technologies and continue to innovate in the way I tell stories. I am obsessed with engineering new processes, where I draw on my 6.5 years of chemical engineering schooling. And I'm an observer of people and places and explore the world through various storytelling mediums: I'm a filmmaker, digital artist, and journalist. My work has been screened in front of the Producers Guild, Stolen Sleep (an art show opening at 25 Hudson St,), and the LES Film Festival. I have written for Discover magazine, Wired, Business Insider, CNET, SmartPlanet, and other mainstream publications. I was one of the first people who had their DNA decoded, went dinosaur digging with famous paleontologist Jack Horner and had a dinosaur named after me, and interviewed well-known entrepreneur Jack Dorsey about Twitter in its early days.