A New York Morning: Through Google Glass

The Search For Money

As software eats into every bit of our lives from online networking and automated job listings, not to mention the busy schedules people seem to keep, everything seems a bit more cold these days. Also, there seems to lack urgency in the search for talent. I'm looking for immediate work, not something that requires all of the formalities set in place - which begin with someone sorting through hundreds of resumes that end up in what seems to be a digital wasteland of endless hope.

But I don't want to believe it is like this.

The more time I spend in front of the computer, sending out resumes and searching for opportunities online, the more discouraged I feel. But when I step outside and talk to people, and tell them that I need help in finding opportunities, they actually do help and are more eager to call their friends who they think can help. So far, I've enjoyed the people I've met this way. And today, I decided to use Google Glass to introduce serendipity into my life.