Overview of Storytelling Services:

Short films & Mini Documentaries (including concept videos)

Video Production

Launch Videos

Content Creation

Social Media Content (Periscope/Meerkat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook)

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  • Journalist (feature writing, blogging, news writing)
  • Creative and digital consultant
  • Startup and media advisor 
  • Science and technology journalist writing for various publications 
  • Video Production
  • Feature writing
  • Blog writing
  • Adoption of new technology to tell stories
  • Presentation writing, decks, and powerpoint presentation
  • Short film and documentary (concept, funding, pre-production, production, post production)
  • Web site content
  • Content marketing for small to international companies
  • People connector between technology companies
  • Video host, writer, editor, filmmaker
  • Make websites modern: website design, brainstorm creative content, and create content that tells the story of the small business owner 
  • Web series and digital content creator and producer
  • Digital art for walls: website or physical walls
  • Hand-drawn animations
  • Production of crowd-funding videos
  • Presentation storyboarding and design 
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